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RFID / NFC ---------------------------------------

The pharmaceutical industry is a steadily growing market. However, due to high numbers of counterfeit products and ever-increasing competition, it faces a multitude of problems.

Modern RFID and NFC units can open new ways for the pharmaceutical industry here. Get to know our RFID / NFC labels and their advantages now!

Frohne Label

Adhesive Labels
  • labels as a bow and on a roll
  • for trading units with small radii
  • for thermal load
  • with hologram
  • with hot foil
  • with Braille
  • with special finishing
  • varnished
  • laminated


No-label-look labels
  • Labels made of thin, flexible films, which do not show a label as a carrier material, but only the print


Frohne Brochure

  • high page counts by good opacity to distribute large amounts of information
  • variable in size and scope
  • different label solutions can be equipped
  • combi products with label or wrap
  • targeted for specific requirements, more functionality, better handling
  • unfolded
  • multi-folded leaflets
  • Patient Alert Cards
  • with glue dots
  • with closure labels
  • with aqua scoring
  • married outsert
Our medical paper collection

The medical paper collection contains various booklets with different paper thicknesses and page numbers. For almost all requirements regarding medication booklets you will find the ideal paper type and the appropriate number of pages here.